Business Challenge in Securing Clients

In the beginning, the business challenge was securing clients in the NFL. In 2002, when I started my career in sports, I was unknown. After persevering, I became known as a top-tier sports publicist, working with several NFL players. During the 2011 NFL lockout, business down spiral. At that time, players were losing their NFL benefits and compensations. NFL Players were unable to retain a publicist on a business payroll. Over time, many of those NFL players were no longer playing in the league due to contract disputes, firing and/or changing agents; sustained permanent injuries, which lead to early retirement. All these mishaps were out of my control. Today’s business challenge is dealing with the new NFL players in the league. Today, the NFL players are much younger and have bigger egos. So again, it’s like starting from the beginning, trying to convince these new NFL players to understand the importance in hiring a publicist who can assist with building their brand and maintain their business affairs.


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