How I started in Sports Public Relations

From a young age, I always wanted to work within the entertainment industry managing artists and celebrities.  While interning at a local Philadelphia radio and television station, many people suggest for me to pursue a career in sports management, because I had a niche for cultivating business relationships and demonstrative exceptional management skills.  Later, I met a former Philadelphia Eagles player through a friend who also suggested the same.  In essence, sports chose me.

In 2002, my sports career began when I traveled to New Orleans to attend Super Bowl XXXVI.  There, I joined the NFL Super Bowl Host Committee and participated as a volunteer ambassador.  During this time, I interviewed several players who were open to share their story on how they achieved a successful NFL career, but did not shy away from providing the challenging details of being an athlete.   Thereafter, I continued to speak with NFL players and sports agents.  Overtime, I researched, studied and interviewed several players. After some time, I developed an interest and became intrigued to learn more about the sports business.  Many NFL players discussed exploring business opportunities outside of their athletic career; however, they lacked education, advisement and business skills.  They wanted to learn the importance of growth in personal and business management, which the two elements are essential in becoming and maintaining success on and off the playing field.  Unfortunately, too many athletes have fallen due to lack of guidance, and management.  I continued to access their stories, and realized the NFL is the #1 sport sector with players who are the least guided and have the most behavioral issues.  This is when I began to birth a passion and developed a niche in sports public relations and management. I wanted to provide these players advocacy, mission and purpose in finding solutions.

As a sports publicist, I assist athletes in understanding the importance in brand development, business etiquette, community leadership and behavioral prevention. My business model is to seek them professional training, personal and business assistance, and instill the importance in completing their college education. In addition, develop an educational platform to explore and maximize their opportunities, and build a business portfolio allied with personal and business resources. Lastly, expand their brand and build upon their corporate and community alliances. Thereafter, football, they would have a business entity.


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