No More FREE Consultations

Since 1990, I have been in business for myself. Throughout my career, I continue to strive for excellence. For years, I kept hitting a brick wall with people disrespecting my continuous lateral success and achievements. Over the years, I felt as though I had to keep proving my abilities in what I do, so I continued to lower by business standards and prices in hopes to “secure” clients. In the mist, I was not receiving fair compensation for my skills, experience, and diligence. That slavery of thinking was not “securing” clients. It was showing I was a “nickel and dime” handler of my business. I was not valuing my intellectual property.

After being tired of being tired of being tired and frustrated, I started to do some hard-core self-evaluation and reviewing my business module. I have decided that I will no longer devalue my services. In the past, I was conducting too many FREE consultations than PAID consultations. In giving away my knowledge, I was positioning myself in the “FREE ZONE.” So, therefore, why would anyone expect to pay for my services when I was giving it away for FREE? In the interim, I was not understanding why my bank account was not increasing alongside.

In 2011, I read this article by Adrienne Graham and purchased her book on Amazon.

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain: It Costs Too Much!

Since then; I no longer accept invitations to do lunch, coffee or speak with anyone for FREE. You want samples of my work; then you can download my intellectual property accomplishment overview for a price. In addition, you want to know what I do, then follow me on social media, where I showcase the results of talents and expertise.  Thereafter, if you still want to meet with me, I charge an hourly rate. If not, oh well! I do not have to prove myself or seek validation of what I do when my accomplishments and achievements speak for itself. In 2013, I embarked on numerous national heights of measurable results for my business and clients. So with that being said, going forward, I have changed my business module, rebirth my business logo, added new services, and increased retainer fee.


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