Why am I offering FREE PR Consultations?

Over the years, many of my PR colleagues, mavens and associates have struggled with the business decision to no longer conduct FREE consultations. Upon my experience, FREE consultations have less my creditability. A FREE consultation was a direct link to a prospective client to “nickel and dime” me for my intellectual property for nothing. Over time, I had to evaluation my business model to put in perspective, “Why am I offering FREE consultations?” Of course, to attract a potential client, right? Another nagging question in my head after each FREE consultation, “Will this prospect result into a PAID client.”  In essence, I had to take a few steps back and evaluate my business practice. I had to adjust, make many revisions, revamped business rules, and sought out professional constructive criticism on my consultation style. I have been advised, “I consistently talking myself out of a deal.” Now, this sounded harsh, but it was a reality check. I am a very passion business person who always goes over and beyond to assist and serve those who value my expertise and service. Okay, let me stop right here. I just reminded myself, “value.” The bottom-line, if you don’t value your business and conduct it in a way to provide only a snippet of what you can offer, then yes, you must change how you conduct consultations. Why would anyone buy the milk, when you are giving away the entire cow for FREE?

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