Working for Athletes

There is no particular process in working with athletes. However, it’s a very competitive industry. In the beginning of my career, I was unknown and had no alliances or affiliations within the sports industry.  On my own, I had to seek out and create my own opportunities, gain experience by interning, volunteered and offered pro-bono work to showcase my skills, built up a creditable reputation and network. In working with NFL players, I learned people need a visual of the results in the services offered. You have to show and prove your talents and have a notable track record of success. Throughout, I have developed a career portfolio which outlines my education and public relations accolades. In working with NFL players, it is all about cultivating a respectful business relationship. In addition, build a mutual alliance on trust, loyalty, commitment, and dedication. The sports industry is filled with sharks, so I diligently set myself apart by offering authenticity in the services I provide.


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