Super Bowl

PR Thoughts on Richard Sherman

This week after the AFC/NFC Championship games, many have asked my thoughts on the Richard Sherman interview immediate after Seahawks defended the 49’ers.  The main question asked, do I think Richard Sherman has lost his marketability.

Upon the recent events leading after the outburst of Richard Sherman during the NFC Championship game, his marketability has been salvaged. He has apologized on numerous news outlet such as ESPN and CNN.  Due to the nature of the AFC/NFC Championship game and the intensity to win in hopes to go the Super Bowl and win a championship is a major goal and a huge accomplishment for all players. That is why they play the game – for the love of being part of NFL History, and to win a Super Bowl championship.  Many players have endured personal and professional adversities and challenges during their quest, and to win the first step to reaching the goal of a Super Bowl championship is a major achievement that does not come easy.  The relationship between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree stems from months of massive tension and trash talking throughout the season, but also off the playing field.  In this situation, Richard feels he has conquered his quest to prove his ability as being the best in the NFL by winning the NFC championship. To his defense, he felt he had to prove something, and he did just that.    However, the caught off guard interview with Erin Edwards by far unexpected, to say the least, came from both ends.  The NFL is a true man’s sports, the most physical and emotional game of all sports. In sports, trash talking is part of being competitive.  So Richard’s outburst is not the first in NFL history, and it won’t be the last.

Richard has heightened his marketability not because he is a great player, because thereafter, the aftermath of the storm, he collected himself, gave  justification and articulated his winning spirit. Lastly, again, he has apologized to Erin Andrews, his team/organization, and fans.    Trust me, this situation has not hurt Richard Sherman.  He is the talk of the week, checks are cut, and endorsements are rolling in. Now, let’s all move on.

Photo: #RichardSherman and #ErinAndrews - Great #PRStrategy to revamp his image.  The #endorsements are rolling in.


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