Public Relations

A Publicist, Protect and NOT Destroy their Clients

As a publicist, priority is to protect your clients and their brands.  Every day, we handle their personal and business affairs. We have to ensure their brand tells the “true” essence of their story, even if the story is ugly.   Over the years, I’ve come to find out many publicists (will remain nameless….) are reporting stories about their clients to the media.  Publicists are selling their souls, taking bribes and offered money in exchange to destroy their client’s reputation.  This baffles me because I wonder why many are in the industry.  The Internet is vital and full of negative stories about athletes, celebrities, public figures, and companies.  It’s disturbing to know the growing rate of client’s information being leaked results from someone the client knows professionally or personally.  This is someone from the “inside” of the respective client’s circle privately and secretly leak information to the public and media.  In the sports and entertainment industry, the new trend, publicists are now becoming “reality” TV stars/personalities at the expense of their clients.  A publicist should not be seeking “celebrity” status while representing a client.

The public relations industry has fallen due to the massive and quick access in finding and leaking information, but not for all the right reasons.    It appears public relations have become corrupted and is all about seeking publicity “by all means necessary” in pitching and selling negative stories and content.

A true publicist has integrity, morals, high value and upholds a respectful ethical practice and demonstrates fair business practices in representing their business and clients.   A publicist should fight “tooth and nail” to protect, and NOT destroy their clients.

Public Relations Society of America

Ethical Guidance for Public Relations Practitioners


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