Public Relations

Advice for Women Pursing a Career in PR

I am a successful independent publicist who has been in the business of sports and entertainment for over 25 years.  I am very passionate about public relations, marketing, and communications. Since I was 15, I’ve dreamed of a career in working with A-List celebrities and athletes.  Over time, the tireless ordeal to achieve success in a competitive industry has taken a toll on me.  While I was in college, it was extremely difficult to find employment in the field of public relations.  I was eager and determined; however, I was hitting a brick wall.  While working in Corporate America, I decided to build my skill sets and utilize career development programs while progressing to complete college. At that time, I was focused on completing an Associates in Business Accounting and Bachelors in Management.  In conjunction with working and attending college, I’ve explored and secured many volunteer and freelance opportunities in public relations, marketing and communications working at many sports and entertainment organizations, seminars, conferences, and annual events. Through the years, I was developing myself into a respective public relations expert with an accomplished track record of measurable results in media placements.  Over time, I become well-known, respected and recognized as a top-tier publicist.

My journey was not easy.  There were times no one wanted to give me a chance or a platform to showcase my skills, creative ideas, and talents.  I had to push and knock down many doors and barriers.  Today, I have two master degrees, and my business and clientele have reached national success.  Although I had adversities along the way, my faith, passion and perseverance are what got me through the hard times.

My word of advice to women pursuing a career in public relation, do what makes you happy and keep the faith as your primary fuel to push, carry you through, and over the rainbow.


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