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As a Publicist, You Must Become a Master Networker

A publicist must become a master at networking.  Networking is essential in my business. Each and every day, a publicist has to set out to meet, greet and seek opportunities for their business and clients. When I am networking via social media, I provide short advisements on public relations, marketing, and communications. I utilize many social media spectrums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase my skills, creative ideas, talents and expertise by advertising and marketing my business and clients during events.  Instagram is the new social media trend; whereas, it gives people the quick eye “visual” of what you say you do. You can be creative with displaying short videos and pictures to demonstrate your product and services.  After Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, I have received over 17 inquiries about my public relations services, and I am in the process of securing several new clients.  This all has resulted from the consistency of showcasing as a publicist during Super Bowl while attending events and providing public relations to a few NFL players.

In the business of public relations, you have to stand in demonstrating yourself as a master networker. You must be flexible and not hide behind social media.  You have to get out and be about, explore different events to meet prospective business associates and clients. Lastly, you have to remember, “Pick up the phone” and speak to people – it goes a long way.


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