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Public Relations and Social Media

As a publicist, my #1 marketing tool that is effective and profitable is utilizing social media to advertise, market and promote my public relations services as well share information about my clients. It has been a great marketing tool to reach a massive, large audience of celebrities, and athletes who are seeking public relations services. In using social media, I have achieved securing clients.   My public relations business is heavily dependent on social media.

Today, many small and large public relations firms are utilizing social media as an advertising platform to reach a large target market of consumers in marketing their products and services.  The social media spectrums that are growing rapidly to reach consumers via Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  PR firms are becoming more creative with their marketing campaign by demonstrating short brief video clips to showcase their product and services.  Social media is a huge venue in reaching a large population “live” and all at one time.  Social media will continue to become a massive informatics antigenic part of marketing and advertising. It is essential to grasp the social influence medium of marketing and advertising in reaching teens. PR Firms are researching consumer’s interest by applying new infomercial concepts that will attract and capture the interest, and prompt awareness to buy into product and services. Every day, a publicist must be able to adapt quickly to change and understand the data metric in following consumer’s interests. As social media continues to dominate the analysis of marketing and advertising, publicists will have to remain strongly competitive in reaching their target audience.  A publicist has to be consistent in their social media marketing campaign. However, a publicist needs to have a strategic plan on their content of marketing – to not oversell or become overly compaction in illustrating their product and services to its consumers.   Lastly, in utilizing social media there needs to be a mixture of content, such as engage consumers “live” with several incentives and respond to Q&A.


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