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Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media

As a publicist, what has worked for me is utilizing social media as a marketing engine to advertise and promote in reaching a large target market of sports and entertainment professionals. The social media spectrums that are growing rapidly to reach a large target audience are Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. My public relations firm has become more creative with implementing a marketing campaign in using Instagram by demonstrating short brief video clips “behind-the-scenes” to showcase our public relations expertise and services. In addition, display public relations, marketing, and customer service billboard pictures as well sharing event pictures while working doing public and media relations. This enables me to receive inquiries and new prospective clients who are impressed with my PR expertise and would like to hire me for my services.

The 21st Century is all about technology and social media.  Today, companies are utilizing strategic marketing campaigns and implementing social media to sell and promote their products and services. In marketing, social media is a huge venue platform in reaching a large population of consumers “live” all at one time. Social media will continue to become massive informatics of marketing and advertising. It’s essential to grasp the social influence medium of marketing in reaching consumers. Companies are conducting theological marketing research on consumer’s interests. They apply new infomercial concepts that will attract and capture consumers by creative visualization to buy a company’s products and services. Every day, companies must be able to adapt quickly in expanding its marketing resources to stay abroad consumer’s interests. As social media continues to dominate the analysis of marketing, companies will have to remain strongly competitive in reaching their consumers.


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