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33 Ways To Be An Exceptional Entrepreneur by Thomas Oppong, Founder at

The opportunities for growth as an entrepreneur are always endless. The burning desire to build a great company is an invaluable quality of great entrepreneurs.

These are 33 ways to be a better entrepreneur.

1. Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good. ~ Malcolm Gladwell

2. In your heads is the future of innovation. – Ron Conway

3. Surround yourself with success.

4. Be obsessed about your product.

5. Get it out, evolve, iterate quickly and make it great.

6. Be a team player and great at expanding your network.

7. It’s better to do something hard if you’re capable of solving hard problems.Paul Graham

8. See the whole picture and go beyond it.

9. Create a plan but be prepared to adapt and adjust.

10. Persistence is without a doubt the most essential quality of a great entrepreneur.

11. You want the quality of Apple, the trustworthiness of Zappos, and the likeability of Richard Branson, enchant your customers.GuyKawasaki

12. Be realistic with your expectations, goals, and current situation.

13. Focus is another trait that is essential for success.

14. Learn to trust others – delegate where necessary.

15. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and work on those that need improvement.

16. If you have an idea, put it up there online, no matter what it looks like. You need the feedback early on.Brian Chesky

17. Take on more than you’re ready to, and get used to that feeling- Drew Houston

18. Great entrepreneurs are great at executing and following through.

19. Ignore your mistakes. The number one thing to worry about is “Am I doing what I’m good at?Max Levchin

20. Know when to introduce a new product or service or when to outwit the competition.

21. A great entrepreneur knows when opportunities knock and takes advantage of it.

22. Keeps real good relationships with his employees, co-owners, investors, creditors, debtors and customers.

23. Risk more than others think safe. Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.” – Howard Schultz

24. The quality of your VC isn’t more important than the quality of your product or your team.

25. Be prepared to outsource where necessary (and concentrate on what you do best).

26. Know how to predict the future and create a plan to take advantage of it.

27. Customers will always tell you how to improve, but not how to be different.

28. Be consistent in your management practices until you realize what’s wrong with them.

29. Building a company is like baking a cake… sometimes the eggs get on the roof. –- Marc Andreessen

30. Entrepreneurs must test early, pivot when necessary.

31. Join a startup for the learning experience, then start your own company.

32. It’s ok if something doesn’t scale as long as it strengthens your position.— Adam D’Angelo

33. Believe in yourself, but always be ready to learn and adapt.


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