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Evaluate Your Business by Reaching Out to your Clients

As a publicist, one has to evaluate themselves on their career progression. It’s essential to stay abroad and ahead of the competitive market in the public relations industry.

I highly recommend reaching out to your clients to receive feedback. For example, after I complete a contractual project, I request a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation is creditable, and client shares and outlines their client experience in retaining my PR services. In addition, the client provides details and highlights of what I have done for them.   Another example, send to your clients a 5-10 survey questionnaire.  For the 1st Quarter of 2014, I sent out a survey to prospective clients who I was unable to convert into exclusive clients. The survey was for me to understand the reason as to why the prospective client did not retain my PR services. In a short time, I gathered the surveys, and I received a high rating between 8-10, (10 being the highest). The #1 reason the prospective clients did not become exclusive clients was budgeting issues.  Many people who want to invest in PR services do not understand how cost effective it is to retain.

I regularly seek ways to better my business. I listen to my clients, and I am constantly open to make changes that will enhance my PR expertise. So as a publicist, you can’t be afraid to reach out to your clients. In taking an assessment of your skills sets, you want to know what you can continue to do and what you need to do away with that may be hurting your business. Don’t wait until a crisis situation or client complaint to evaluate and assess your business, each quarter you should apply a resource business protocol to review your business practices and clientele.


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