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Bad PR

Some of my clients have experienced unethical and unprofessional practices from previous public relations firms. The many signs that a client should look for when seeking a public relations firm is their reputation in providing the services they promote to service. Many public relations will oversell their services; however, they will outsource many other services without the client’s knowledge. This is where the public relations firm will over charge a retainer fee to the client. This is an unfair practice that many PR firms are implementing to stay above the competitive edge. However, it becomes a down spiral of a negative situation that results in the client feeling they were cheated out of services or lied to about the services’ inquiry by the PR firm.  I would suggest that a client has proof from the PR firm to illustrate the services render by the PR firm. This can be letters of recommendation or a reference check from a previous client of the PR firm. How a client can overcome a bad experience with a PR firm is to always do their own diligence in research of a PR firm. Furthermore, have legal representation review the PR firm’s contract. A client has to be proactive in seeking the right representation from a PR firm to ensure their personal and business affairs are held at the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality. If a PR firm can’t represent advocacy, mission, and purpose in serving a client the moral and ethics of public relations, then the client should not position themselves to hire that PR firm. Public Relations is about building bridges of relationships, not burning of relationships.


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