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NBA Major Crisis – Donald Sterling Scandal

As a public relations firm that deals with crisis management, the NBA major crisis with Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is not surprising.  This situation is very disturbing; however, we must remain the focus on the matter and how it has affected the entire NBA organization, and community.  The ugly moral of this ordeal is the “known” history of unethical behavior and racial comments by Donald Sterling have been condoned, and swept under the rug for many years.  So how would a public relations firm handle this scandal that has been known for years as a major scandal?  As a public relations expert, my advice to any client, keep is always truthfully, short and to the point.  Many will call for Donald Sterling to admit his behavior and offer an apology. Even so, that is not enough, when the truth is he does not care for African Americans – we all heard it from the horse’s mouth per the TMZ audio released. So why would he offer an apology?  There is no justification to how he really feels from the gut.  This is not about an affair, sex or embezzlement.  This is about Donald Sterling has spoken the truth in his home behind a closed door.  Unfortunately, Donald Sterling did not realize the door was cracked.  The bottom-line,  there is spilled milk, and it is now the responsibility of the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver to clean it up.  To slap Donald Sterling with a massive fine would set the wrong tone and send the incorrect message, the NBA accepts this type of behavior in its organization. Many will wonder and ask, how will this mess get cleaned up?  Right now, the only way to dismiss, find a quick resolution and move on is for all NBA owners vote for Donald Sterling to resign/release himself as an owner.  What do you think?


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