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Be Humble, Stay Humble – People Are Watching YOU!

The other day I was on public transportation. A lady walks up to me and stated she follows me on social media. She shared she is impressed and admires my drive. She was excited to meet me in person as if I was a celebrity. I was taken back, by no means, I am a celebrity. As we sat together on the bus, she expressed she enjoys my daily posts about working in public relations and watching me grow. She referred me as the Olivia Pope. LOL!! I had tears in my eyes. I gave the lady a hug as we shared small chat until her destination stop. This is not the first time I had people from social media introduce themselves and express their admiration of what I do. Each time I am taken back….. I really don’t feel I am a big deal. As I always share, GOD has called me to do public relations. I love what I do! It is a humbling experience to know that your work is being noticed. People are watching. What we do is affecting someone. I am glad that I am setting an example of positivity. I illustrate and demonstrate a woman on the move! When you think, people are not watching, think again! I always stay humble, GOD has blessed me with a great career.


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