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Best Way to Acquire New Clients

The best creative ways for PR professionals to acquire new clients are through social media.  Today, the primary social media platforms that PR professionals are reaching their clients are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.  PR firms are getting creative in developing a strong marketing campaign with a single click of the mouse to reach its target clients.  In utilizing social media, a PR professional can immediately response to client’s question or complaint. Furthermore, a PR professional can reach out for client engagement via contests and promotions. The main key is to provide consistent visual content of what PR professionals are advertising, promoting, and offering in relation to providing public relations services. To add onto the creative way via social media is through video content. In applying video content, potential clients are given a quick access and informed about the product or services the PR professional is offering.  Overall, in being creative in obtaining new clients is all about knowing what their interests are and how to get it to them. The bottom-line, reach out and meet the clients where they are.


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2 thoughts on “Best Way to Acquire New Clients

  1. I’m happy to see you too embrace the strengths of social media! It is truly a too I feel social media is underutilized and yet as you stated it is a great way to ‘reach out and meet clients.’ Thanks for sharing.

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