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Giving a Presentation

As a publicist, we are always giving presentations.  When you walk into the presentation venue, you have 30 seconds to lead with an engaging impression. Once you have made an immediate impression on your audience, your will have the audience’s direct attention. It’s good to start with a warm-up intro by getting the audience involved. This breaks the ice and gets everyone alert and ready to hear your presentation. In presenting, you must be engaging with the discussed topic. It helps to have a visual such as PowerPoint presentation with bullet focus points. During the presentation stand poise, and firm, but from time to time, walk toward the audience, which gives a personal touch that you are meeting the audience where they are. It is best to keep a good steady eye contact and implement throughout the presentation, laughter. Do not take the presentation too seriously, lighten it up with a personal related experience. Overall, practice, be prepared and ready to go.


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