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How Small Business Should Attract New Customers

In today’s business, social influence is essential, and it’s a prevalent business function to all businesses.  It’s imperative for small and large companies to utilize all social mediums to advertise and market their business products and services to reach new customers. The social media strategy The PNP Agency™ utilizes to quantify social influence is the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  We remain consistent and creative in the conscious message in providing public relations, marketing, communications and behavioral prevention advisement for sports and entertainment professionals.  The creativity in demonstrating social presence means building an influential impression about your business and the services your business provides.  To engage new customers, small businesses have to implement a visual video content by implementing via all social platforms a strong publicity campaign that provides relevant content in distributing and sharing information about its product and services. Small businesses have to be unique in being informative, engaging and increasing brand awareness, which can result in attracting new customers.  Lastly, without a strong social media influence and presence is like having a business without a business plan.


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