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As a PR Entrepreneur: Persevering through hard times

In 2002, my public relations firm primarily serviced NFL players. In 2011 during the NFL Lockout, my firm suffered a great loss of clients.  NFL players were not retaining public relations services due to their personal and business affairs with the NFL and collective-bargaining agreement. My firm had to re-strategies our business approach to maintain our current clientele and to regain the development and cultivating process of securing new clientele. There were a few pumps. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, my firm was getting turned down by players to provide public relations services. NFL players were cutting back on their business affairs and expenses, and top on the list was public relations services. My firm decided to outsource our public relations services to different industries and business prospects such as other sports sectors, political figures, and non-profit organizations. In addition, to sustain and manage our long-term current clientele, we scaled down our retainer prices based on the significant need for the player. There many aspects of revamping our business module, and creating a new marketing campaign to keep the progression of our business afloat. In essence, we did succeed new business accomplishments and achieved national recognition as one of the top-tier PR firms in the industry. As an entrepreneur, you will experience hard times. You must be prepared for the unexpected. In owning a business is rewarding, but with a lot of mistakes, failures, short-comings, trials and challenges. You have to be able to bounce back, re-vamp, re-invent, and re-create your business continuously in order to beat against the masses of the unexpected. Keep in mind, with perseverance, you can overcome hard times.


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