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The Balancing Act of an Entrepreneur by Wayne Gerard

The balancing act of an entrepreneur and founder, “Giving clients what they ask for” and “Introducing a product, service or solution that will revolutionise the market” at the same time.

Steve Jobs did it so well at Apple with iPhone, iPad, and iTunes.

Brining your clients along for the journey, giving them confidence to move away from the safety of what they know to your new solution which promises so much more.

Over the last three years, I’ve experienced how hard this is.

In the enterprise space, startups like ours are offering revolutionary solutions that enable enterprise clients to move quickly, become responsive and nimble, create more value, improve productivity, safety and competitiveness.

Your staff (users) on the ground want change, they want to do a better job, they want their lives to be easier, in fact they are being driven to improve productivity and reduce costs. Your staff know the inefficiencies of the old technology solutions they are forced to use, they know what its costs your business every day. They are also more likely to know what benefits are possible from new cloud solutions and mobile apps because they are more likely to be exposed to them.

The reality, especially with cloud, mobile and software as a service (SaaS) solutions is that most senior mangers have little context or understanding of what’s possible now.


They have grown up using once revolutionary but now old technology from enterprise software companies, like SAP, IBM, Auto Desk, Oracle, etc…

Decision makers are often too far removed from the day to day, their perspectives are often based on decades of experience using old technology and this limits their approach and beliefs around what is possible and who could help them.

Startups are working hard to change this paradigm, Cloud, Mobile and SaaS solutions like RedEye are changing the game for clients and your staff know it

SAP, IBM, Oracle, Auto Desk… were all startups once! Someone trusted them, invited them in to demonstrate their solution, identified the value they offered and benefited from adopting them early. The most successful companies in the next decade will be early adopters of new cloud, mobile and SaaS solutions now.


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