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NFLPA vows increased discipline for agents by Will Brinson, NFL Writer

I’ve stated this was going to happen before this article came out. I have been working in the sports industry since 2002 and worked with many clients of #DrewRosenhaus as well other agents. In addition, I have studied the sports agency certification laws and have a certificate in#AthleteManagement. Never underestimate my knowledge of the NFL, agent to athlete, and athlete to agent relationship. I know more than you think and I’m not speaking from a #SportsFan standpoint. I am speaking from knowledge and professional standpoint with experience! In this case with #DeSeanJackson and #DrewRosenhaus, they both are in violation of business code of conduct. Why is an athlete taking money from an agent? Why is an agent giving money to a player? Both are at fault, and if I was the#NFLCommissioner or #NFLPAPresident, both would be fined quadruple and suspended for 1-2 years. This situation is unethical and immoral. Sad to say, it’s not the first, and not going to be the last.


Agent Drew Rosenhaus is part of an alleged bribing controversy.

Over the weekend a report about Redskins wideout DeSean Jackson claiming Drew Rosenhaus “bribed” him caused a stir around NFL circles. On Monday morning the NFLPA issued a memo, a copy of which was obtained by, detailing an increase in discipline for agents (“Contract Advisors”) who violated NFLPA rules.

The union stated in the memo that “effective immediately, the severity of discipline imposed … shall be increased.” More specifically, punishments will be “doubled.”

A violation that previously warranted a 6-month suspension “going forward will be doubled to a one-year suspension” and “fines will be doubled as well.” (“Repeat offenders will also be more severely disciplined.”)

The NFLPA detailed a three-strikes-and-you’re-out approach as well for agents.

In the memo, the NFLPA emphasized the importance of agents filing with the union “other agreements” they may have with their clients.

These “other agreements” include but are not limited to “relevant documents relating to loans, lines of credit, or pre-combine or pre-draft services or benefits being provided to rookie clients.”

The NFLPA issued notice to all Contract Advisors they must submit all active “other agreements” to the union within 21 days of the memo (dated June 9, 2014) or else discipline will be handed down. (Basically it serves as a grace period to file anything that wasn’t previously filed.)

“This policy is imposed in response to recent comments made by [a] number of Contract Advisors to the staff and our player leadership regarding the use of  ‘other agreements’ in recruiting players as clients,” the memo reads.

The NFLPA also made a change to legal advice requirements. Contract Advisors must “first direct the player to consult with an NFLPA attorney about his case” before sending said client to “outside counsel” for matters like “Injury Grievances, Non-Injury Grievances, Drug Policy appeals.”

Jackson is currently fighting an arbitrator’s decision that he must repay Rosenhaus much of the money Rosenhaus claims he loaned the start receiver.


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