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Healthy Living Tips for Entrepreneurs

My career is extremely stressful. Daily, I work tireless and long hours in providing public relations services to A-List clients who are highly demanding. I will go weeks without sleep, and then I would get sick. As an entrepreneur, I had to find center and balance between my career and taking better care of myself. This year, I started to be selective in limited doing consulting and mentoring every day of the week. I choose to consult and mentor on Wednesday by appointment. This gave me the opportunity to focus clearly on the project, and provide direct attention to my clients during the week. I had to make a commitment not to work on Sunday. On Sunday, I attend church and mediate. This helped me to eliminate stress, and prepared myself physically and mentally for the upcoming week. As entrepreneurs, we have to take two steps back an order to be able to productively move forward. We have to listen to our inner voice that speaks to “slow” down, relax and rest – take care of ourselves, so we can take care of our clients with full mind, body, and spirit.


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