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Are meetings a waste of time?

In the business of public relations, there are always massive meetings that have to take place to discuss the different aspects of clients public relations needs.  However, I find it very productive when there are set of objective topics outlined during a meeting, and all questions are addressed allied with the equitable goals.  Meetings can be unproductive when there is no outline agenda of discussion or time guidelines set to complete the meeting.  There are times when people in the meeting tend to speak on a topic that is not on the meeting’s agenda.  So the foremost way to avoid inefficient meetings is to communicate the meeting outline to all attendees prior. I believe to prep and prepare is the optimal way to be productive. It gives everyone the opportunity to understand the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the meeting, and how they can be a contributor during the meeting.  In addition, during the meeting, there needs to be a two-minute time allotment for each person attending to speak during the meeting.  This gives each person the opportunity to speak and be heard in sharing their thoughts on the meeting’s topic.  In the interim, all other parties can respond to ask a question or add comments.  In having a valuable meeting takes the efforts of all attendees to follow through on the meeting’s guidelines and goal objectives of discussion to be productive.


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