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Career mistakes I’ve made

Earlier in my career and starting my PR firm, one of the biggest mistakes I made in my business was not listening. I had all the answers, and I knew what my client’s needs were without asking. This obstacle derailed me in not securing clients. At times, we can talk ourselves out of a deal. In the past, I was so determined to have everyone hear what I had to say about my business and what I can offer. I was pushing clients away instead of luring them in ordered to be interested in retaining my services. One day, a business associate said to me, “Why do you feel you have to tell everyone what you do? Doesn’t your work speak for itself?” That question struck a core. It was evident I was great at what I do. For some reason, I felt the need to tell every chance, and all the time how great I was. My idea was for me to get the client excited about hiring me for my services. If I was excited, the client got excited. This was so not the case. Every year, I do a self-evaluation of my business ethics and module. I keep a record of my business progression, the successes, and failures. In doing this, I have to take a hard look at what is and not working. The bottom-line, I was not listening was hurting my business. I had to make immediate changes if I wanted to continue my success as a PR expert. During networking and PR consultations, I started to fall back and ask more of open-ended questions. I realized it was not about me. It was about to hear, and gain comprehension of clients PR needs. In addition, I strategized a welcome PR consultation session; whereas, my clients are welcome at any time to share their thoughts on the need of hiring a PR professional. This allowed me to sit back and only speak when need in offering my PR expertise. I was able to learn more and receive facts on what makes my clients feel they were being heard. I showed more of an interest in listening to less talking. In doing business, we will continue to bump our heads in making mistakes. The lesson in making mistakes is to walk away with new profound understanding, and not make the same mistake twice.


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