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The Biggest Challenges Facing Today’s Businesses

When I started my firm in early 1990, I set out to make a difference in providing public relations and management within the entertainment industry. Early, I was an entrepreneur at heart, and I set to become a successful business woman. My fear was not having a support system. There were so many obstacles against me as I pursued my dream in working the entertainment industry representing celebrities. However, I kept preserving and I fought my fears each day by pushing to continue the progression. Throughout my career, I had self-doubtful, and the fear was growing intensely that I would not be able to be successful and maintain a growing business. Nevertheless, I was determined not to allow fear take over. So I continued to develop myself as an entrepreneur. I embraced my trials and challenges, and learned from my mistakes. It took a while to sustain an immediate flow of success, due to working a full-time corporate job and attending college. As of 2002, I adopted the sports industry and started representing NFL players. Some years later, I completed two master degrees, worked with over 30+ NFL players, and become well-known as a top-tier publicist. In dealing with fear is extremely exhausting and trying; however, you have to follow your passion and beat against the odds.


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