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Think Differently: Simple Tool For Solving Any Challenge by Cameron Brown


A little while ago, I was invited to speak to a group of chartered accountants at an evening event. The topic was on thinking differently and one of the key strategies I took them through really hit home for a lot of the attendees. My 1-on-1 clients have loved it as well so I thought it might help you out.

It’s called Perceptual Positioning and here’s how it works:

You can do this in your own mind or you can physically step this out in a room, whatever floats your boat. What you do is pick out a specific challenge that you’re experiencing in your business right now. Let’s use an example of a low response rate in your marketing… So you’re putting some marketing material out there, it’s getting a low response rate and you’re not getting the outcomes that you’re shooting for.

What you do is draw out a triangle and on one corner it’s you, on another corner, it’s your ideal client, and on the third corner it is someone looking on who has no attachment to the situation whatsoever.

Now, everything that you’ve been perceiving up until now has been from your own viewpoint, your own beliefs, your own thinking… How you perceive the world.

See It Through Your Ideal Client’s Eyes

What you want to do here is remove yourself completely and take yourself over to your market… Put yourself in their shoes. See the world through their eyes and what they believe. So in this example, you’d look at your own marketing and see why it is that you haven’t responded. Is it because the language doesn’t really resonate with you? Maybe it doesn’t tap into the fears and frustrations, wants and aspirations? What is it? Why haven’t you responded?

Leave Your S*#T At The Door

Leave all of your own thoughts & beliefs aside. This is providing you with the opportunity to think differently in terms of how your market is perceiving you and the marketing you’re putting out there.

Once you’ve done that, then you want to go over to the person looking on who has no attachment to the situation at all and ask yourself ‘Right, based on the outcome that you want to achieve and based on the challenges your ideal client is experiencing right now, how can we make this work?

This will help to create a win-win situation and this ‘non-attached’ person has enabled you to see that from a totally neutral viewpoint instead of the lens that you’ve been experiencing it through.

Use This In Each Area Of Your Business

Now, you can use this in marketing, you can use it in sales, you can definitely use it in leadership… This strategy is going to help you remove yourself from your own thinking about a specific problem (which is the thinking that got you there in the first place) and get you thinking differently so that you can solve it and move onto the next challenge in your business.


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