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6 Essentials for Starting Your Own Business by Yael Kochman

1) Initiative: When getting ready to start your own business the most important thing is.. tostart! Things are less scary on the inside than they appear on the outside.

2) Focus: You’ll be surprised how many people would want to help out and give you advice out of their own experience! While this is great, keep in mind that their experience is simply that – their experience, and it does not reflect directly on you, your business and your situation. It is important to keep focused on your long term strategy and not jump from idea to idea even if that idea was suggested by someone you think very highly of.

3) Passion: It is important that you do something you really love and believe in. Building your own business can be very hard and you will sometimes find it hard to keep going, the only way to get through the hard times is to believe in what you do with every inch of your body.

4) Team: Know what you’re good at – but more importantly – know what you’re not. build a team around you that completes your capabilities so that together you will have a broader set of relevant skills.

5) Prioritization: Time is more expensive than money and having the right priorities is key. Today it is also relatively easy to outsource specific tasks without spending a lot of money, via online marketplaces such as Fiverr and oDesk. Use it! Don’t waste time trying to do something you do not understand when a professional can do it for you quickly.

6) Failure: The best way to learn is to fail. So fail. Then get up and do it again, this time do it better.


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