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Your Personal Brand: What makes you memorable? by Jan Johnston Osburn

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands around.It’s iconic.You know it’s coke just by the shape of the bottle and the look of the words. Simply put, a company brand is the name, design, or symbol that separates one organization from their competition.

It’s what makes a company unique.Likewise, individuals should consider their own personal brand.It can be an important tool for advancing your career and selling yourself.

Your personal brand is your vision of who you are and what you do.Know what that means? It means that you decide how you want to be defined.And then it’s up to you to design your personal brand. That’s the message you will send out that will differentiate you from the competition.What you have to offer can transmit a very powerful message.

4 Questions to ask yourself in building a strong and authentic personal brand

  1. What makes you memorable, unique, and relevant?

Look at everything you have to offer – your total package. Look at your personality attributes, your work style, your play style, and the interests, hobbies, and preferences you have. What is it that sets you apart from everyone else? How do you lead the way instead of follow from behind?These are the basic questions you need to answer as you define your authentic brand.

Do bear in mind that your perspective may not match a perspective from another.So ask people how they see you. Find out what people say about you when you leave the room. Yes, that’s scary but if it’s not the story you want them to tell, you’ll have to figure out how to change it.


2. What is at your core and your heart?

What are your personal guiding principles and core values? What set of standards have you adopted that help you carry out actions. Your core values are the traits you have that represent your driving force.
3. What is your winning strategy?
What do you do differently? What habits have you adapted that spell success? What comes easy for you?Where’s your sweet spot, in essence?

4. What is your marketing strategy? How do you work to maintain your brand?

A successful brand creates a consistent and targeted impression. Coke’s brand developed over time and so will your personal brand.It will take continual work and evaluation. A brand doesn’t just happen. Time and effort goes into a branding strategy that works.

After having a thought-provoking session with yourself and you have answered these questions, write your personal brand statement.It’s your value added statement.When you’ve done that, work it, baby, work it.


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