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Take Time to Get Your Mojo Back!

The last several weeks have been tiresome, to say the least.   I was losing my mojo!  I was not keeping tabs on what I want, and I found myself without energy, enthusiasm, and excitement about so many great things happening.  Why?  I was burned out!

As a publicist, the con is everyone wants something from you, but no one offers you anything.  It becomes overwhelming when the phone is ringing, the emails are coming and every inquiry is “Can you, Will You, I need a Favor…..”

I had to take a few weeks to think, clean out the trash, and refresh my mindset on keeping tabs on what I want personally and professionally.

Here are some helpful tips:

1) Identify What You Want

2) Believe in What You Want

3) Make the Changes to Get What You Want

4) Align Your Environment with What You Want

5) Take Control of your Destiny to Receive What You Want

Now, go get What You Want!!!

I got my mojo back!!!


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