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How the study of Leadership Theory helped me career

While in college, I have studied leadership theories and management.  I have applied the leadership theories while working in Corporate America and now as a publicist and manager in the sports and entertainment industry. The leadership theories helped me to better understand and communicate.  I was able to comprehend my leadership role and responsibility, but first, learn the concepts of leadership within career development.  I studied many moguls and leaders from Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs to grasp their leadership perception, and how they were able to lead their companies. What I learned the most in studying leadership theories is how to deal and accept people, and meet people where they are in life.   As a publicist and manager, I have to be able to adapt accordingly to many different situations, and people.  I have to be able to act accordingly, and not react based on emotions or my own opinions but applying resolution leadership metrics with developing and sustaining customer service and people skills.   Leadership theories are developed habits that can increase one’s success in management.


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