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Managing Emails

In business, managing your email is essential. It’s a prevalent business task that is time-consuming for all business; however, it is part of business communication. It’s imperative to utilize an email management tool to maintain an active flow of response.  Each day, I take approximately 30 minutes, 3x a day to read and send emails.  My public relations business is always filled with many emails, so it is important for me to respond in a timely manner. The email strategy The PNP Agency™ utilizes to quantify a timely response is to ensure to schedule time to read, send and respond to emails. This all has to be done by the end of business day.  In keeping an email management system in place, checking emails has to be a daily operational task, whereas, no emails will be unanswered with 24 hours.  My business remains consistent in the conscious message in being responsive to conducting and answering emails. The creativity in staying on top of emails is making it a priority throughout the day.  In not answering emails can result in missing business opportunities.


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