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Your Online Presence

Your online presence should be the reflection of your true self in a positive way! My advice is not to have too much personal information and interaction of your personal affairs.  Your social media profile should be inviting,  engaging, and influential.  In order to have a positive presence is to always share informative content, and to engage, and develop multiple interests with your followers. Many people have bad online profiles that can be offensive and comes off as they are just promoting all about themselves. For example, too many selfie pictures, and too many pictures that only displays things about themselves and their interests, and they never engage with their followers, which comes off one-sided.  In having a bad online profile can damage your reputation, in which people will make a judgment or assume based on the content and pictures you are displaying on social media.  In today’s world, you must be careful and always remember you are a brand. What you share and display on social media is your brand’s advertisement.


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