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In Business, One Day You will be forced to FIRE a Client

In the past, I had to terminate, fire, depart from a client due to non-professional business ethics, and lack of mutual respect.  It was not a decision I regret due to the hard-work, and diligence I put into the client.  What I could have done differently, clearly define our communication. The dialogue in the beginning of our business relationship was misunderstood.  We had a combative relationship, which entailed a lot of misunderstanding and no communication.  It’s imperative to define your business relationships with clients and to set the expectations, and outline a strategy of what the business relationship entails.  There needs to be a refinement in comprehension, and there needs to 100% loyalty, mutual respect, honesty between both parties.  If I could do it all over again, my decision to fire my client would have been the same. And today, I would do the same if I feel a client does not value my skills, advisement, and expertise.  In the business of public relations, we are creators of national recognition for our clients, but our clients need to understand, the publicist has a brand to execute as well, and we would like to have our talents and crafts be appreciated.


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