Let It Go

Yesterday, I visit an old friend in South Jersey after a Wine and Closet client session, to stop by and say hello before I headed back home to watch some football. Well, those plans got derailed. Immediately, she shared that I appeared tired, pissed, annoyed and frustrated. I assured her, I was fine with my big ole’ Cologate‬ smile. Needless, she grabbed my hand, and said let’s take a walk. I looked at her baffled, while she brings paper, and a pen. While we are out in the wilderness, she said write everything down that is bothering you. She had me scream out loud all that was in my heart, I spoke on it, prayed over it, burned it, and released it. I let it all go. All in all, this experience was to rebirth my mind, body, soul, and spirit. She shared, after, I must not speak on, about or recall anything on the papers, whereas, I will have let the devil win in my fight to glory. I need to get out my own way, and let my blessings reveal. This experience had me nervous, afraid, and confused. But at the end, I got it, and I let go. Sometimes I can be my worst enemy to mask what is going on. It took for someone to take notice, and say stop what you doing, and let me help you let it go. I have not seen my friend in awhile, but she knew I needed this spiritual revelation. So I thank her, for helping me ‪LET IT GO!


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