My Soap Box for Today

Earlier this year, I invited several to partner with me in a new business venture called ‪#‎Closet2Closet‬. The concept was to redo home closets by selling old items to cleanse or make room for new items. I started the hustle, but I realized I was the only one hustling to get the business off the ground. We all had a large network to secure clients, but others were not putting in the work. Long story short, We had a heart 2 heart talk, and we agreed to part amicably. I have NEVER met many people that grind like I do. I will put in the time of long hours, tirelessly efforts, no sleep to make it work. Needless, I decided to pursue solo, and I changed the name.Then, ‪#‎WineandCloset‬ was born. In 3 months, I have endured great achievements, and success. A lot of sacrifice along with my main career, ‪#‎ThePNPAgency‬™. In the interim, the referrals are coming, and I am meeting so many people who have shared the inside of their homes, and wisdom, and giving back to the community and non-profit organizations. I am making a difference with this new business venture movement. It’s sad, because I live, and love to share. I had to come to terms, they don’t want to share with me. I long for partnerships and togetherness. However, I had to let go of my disappointments of those who did not want to share in this partnership. I am okay with being solo! It’s my destiny, not theirs. #‎MySoapBox4Today‬


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