Reinventing Yourself without Leaving Your Business

As a woman entrepreneur, and working in the public relations industry, my career is extremely stressful. I work tireless long hours in providing public relation services to A-List clients who are highly demanding. I will go weeks without sleep, and then I would get sick.  My health was suffering, and I feel a sense of lost control of being centered and balanced.  This year, I reinvented myself and my priorities by being selective in how I spent my day. I wanted to reinvent myself on how I treated myself throughout the day.  I wanted to give myself the opportunity to focus clearly on projects and provide direct attention to my clients during the week. I had to make a commitment not to work on Sunday. On Sunday, I attend church and mediate. This helped me to eliminate stress, and prepare myself physically and mentally for the upcoming week.  During my reinvention process, I had to learn to take two steps back in order to productively move forward. In becoming a happier person, I had to listen to my inner voice that was telling me “slow down,” relax and rest.  In taking the stand to be healthier, happier, and a better person, I was able to be a better business person who took care of clients with full mind, body, and spirit.


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