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The People You Need In Your Support Network

The value of networking is to build relationships and net worth. Networking is essential in growing a business.  The essence of networking is the value to cultivate alliances into meaningful, beneficial relationships. There are different forms of networking via social media, colleagues, business associates, co-workers and direct introductions. Each form leads to increasing a networking of people who can supply a wealth of contacts, resources, and information.  No one can do without networking. To have a successful network experience, you need to have several people who can provide insight and support, and the essential factors on networking. The people you need in your network circle, 1) A network leader who is a master at networking who can provide the teachings on networking. 2) A networking partner who can be the side view, provide evaluation and feedback.3) A network supporter who stands alongside and cheers for you to continue to build your network. In all essence, networking starts a person putting forth the effort. Networking is done every day in a matter of minutes starting with extending a smile. Later, a smile leads to a hello, and a hello leads to an introduction and conversation.  In the interim, the conversation leads to a network of opportunity in developing a relationship.


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