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Tips on Writing a Business Plan

When I started my firm in 1990, I had a business plan. My 2-year business plan was very simple with an outlined objective goals and business efforts. I utilized the business plan to begin the implementation of progression to develop a small firm which was sustainable in regards to providing public relations services at a reasonable rate. The best library of business resources is Small Business Administration, They provide a large spectrum of informative resources and outlets for start-ups. In addition, they provide business customer service support, whereas, you can call to speak with a business specialist directly to ask questions. It was imperative for me to have all the details in starting my business. An entrepreneur has to decide if they want to be a sole proprietorship, Inc. or LLC. You must have full knowledge and comprehension of business standards and finalize which is best for your company. In my early years in starting my public relations firm, I wish I had more capital to sustain the beginning failures. A start-up will encounter more failures within the first 5 years before progression of success. So my advice to anyone starting a business, ensure you have the substantial capital for the first 2-5 years to sustain the ups and down spirals of your business’ revenue. Ensure to have a clear outline of your overhead cost and expenditures. Overall, through a few hiccups, I have been successful in maintaining my firm and keeping overhead very low by working from home and extending by business services viral and mobile to my clients.


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