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I am a woman entrepreneur who gives back to its community

I am an advocate on community outreach. Each year, my priority commitment as an entrepreneur is to give back to the community. I join alliances with several corporate sectors to contribute and participate in sharing the joy of “giving back” to non-profit organizations that are in need of support and volunteer assistance.  In addition, I help in the fundamental research, education and community services and advocacy programs with my clientele roster, and network connections in the sports and entertainment industry.

My community relations responsibilities stables to cultivate business relationships that help to build a spectrum of community relations platforms. As a publicist, I utilize my clients to share in the support, participate and endorse  community relations campaigns in which they can personally relate. This helps to increase awareness to different causes such as Autism, Education, Cancer Research, and Health issues within the community. It’s important that I stay involved to maintain a presence of leadership and influence. Lastly, it pays off by showing that my public relations role is to “lead by example” in taking a stand for community causes.


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