Surround Yourself with Positive People by Dave Block

The Gratitude Guy says, “There is a REASON why certain people come into our life. The POSITIVE or NEGATIVE energy and emotions we EXPERIENCE in turn lead us directly to the people we ENCOUNTER.

For example, POSITIVE people can help you realize your DREAMS as the OPTIMISM becomes CONTAGIOUS. These positive FRIENDS will not only help you REBOUND from the negative hits you take in life, but they will also INSPIRE you to be the best you can be. Positive individuals want others to be HAPPY, and will go out of their way to help you become more SELF-CONFIDENT when you’re feeling down or need some extra special attention.

On the other hand, surround yourself with NEGATIVE people, and you’ll become negative and LOSE your confidence as they will always DRAG you down to their level. They HAMMER away at you with all of the things you CAN’T do and all of the things that are IMPOSSIBLE. They barrage you with GLOOMY statements about the LOUSY economy, the PROBLEMS in their lives, the problems soon to be in your life, and the TERRIBLE prospects for the future. If you’re lucky, they might even throw in a few words about their ACHES and PAINS and recent ILLNESSES. End these TOXIC friendships!

I believe life affords us many OPPORTUNITIES to meet so many INCREDIBLE people. Find the GOOD ones and take the time to get to KNOW them.

I am so BLESSED that I am currently SURROUNDING myself with people who have made the CHOICE to face each day with HOPE, GRATITUDE, and EXPECTATION. They know that EVERY day is a GOOD day simply because they get ANOTHER CHANCE! Another chance to REALIZE how very GRATEFUL they are for every SECOND they have to experience this WONDERFUL world, in this COURAGEOUS game WE play called LIFE.”


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