Entrepreneurs Have the Willingness to Venture Into the Unknown

As a publicist who started a Management and Public Relations firm in 1990, I was uncertain where my career was heading. All I knew, I had a desire and calling.  Yes, I was scared beyond to travel this journey I was about to embark. I knew in my heart; I was destiny to succeed. I just did not know how that was going to happen. Now 25 years later, I have achieved and accomplished so much. Guess what? I am still scared. Every day to make decisions to step out without knowing the unknown is extremely frightening and intimidating. I have learned; entrepreneurs must be willing to venture into the unknown, to make leaps of faith and move forward without full information. This is what makes an entrepreneur unique. Although we know there are going to be many pitfalls, challenges, roadblocks, and triumphs, we still determined to conquer the unknown. This what makes a true entrepreneur?  Do you think you are a true entrepreneur?


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