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What advice would you give to someone beginning a PR Firm?

I get asked this question a lot. So I want to keep my advice simple.

You never want to start big or large. To begin, it’s best to start small and grow. You want to understand the fulfillment process and requirements to sustain your business.  Keep your business overhead as low as possible, and don’t lose the focus on the upside down of your business model from a cash flow perspective. In the beginning, your expenses will be crucial. It takes approximately 2-5 years of success. In between the 2-5 years, you will experience some down spirals and failures. Do not get discouraged. Ensure throughout, prompt, attentive customer service to your clients. You don’t want your reputation for your firm to receive negative reviews or attention.

A few tips:

1.) Manage your expectations. Success happens in the long term.

2.) Start working out a marketing budget now.

3.) Start building targeted social funnels and an email list.

4.) Be as active as possible in your industry, build creditability.

5.) Get in touch with thought leaders inside your niche.


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