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What Makes Quality Content? by Kunal Pattany

What Makes Quality Content?

Content marketing seems to be the new buzz word across most b2b marketing teams and businesses. So is it just a fad or something with real substance?

This is not a new concept but something that successful companies and marketers have been using for many years. As with any concept or coined term it has now being considered by the early/late majority of the bell size curve. It’s late take has been a combination of b2b mind set/cultural change and having the confidence to present themselves and knowledge leaders within the market.

This is a real breakthrough within the b2b marketing world especially as you are now having the opportunity to interact with your target audience. Many businesses think they’re creating “quality content” because they’re having original material written.

But this content normally plays it very safe and has no life, no personality, no usefulness to the reader, no entertainment value, and a poor headline.

Therefore does not qualify as quality content!
But here’s what I think are the most important points to consider when creating quality content:

Is it useful to your target audience?
Content marketing needs to be of interest to the reader. Maybe consider speaking to members of your target audience that you have a strong relationship with or ask members of your business that actually interact with the target audience to see what interests them e.g. key topic’s, trends that are forming etc…. I think this can only benefit marketing and the business as it is a proactive method to provide a personalised service to the end user.

It must be interesting
Worthy content has to provide real insight. It has… dare I say it… authority!

If your target audience just wanted facts, they can read a whitepaper, or some statistics on the topic. When they want a more interesting, opinionated, insightful view on facts, that’s when you step in. It’s a fine line between pleasing the business and achieving quality content. This is where you need to have a senior member of management on-side to develop the idea of quality content and provide a real opinionVery Important Point.

Once you have the business on side you can really develop the content even within a b2b business. Something to consider if you’re ready to make the leap. If it’s sounds like it’s to ‘professional’ or looks like your standard corporate content with no opinion, Stop Now. You’re going down the wrong path.

True quality content should look, feel, and sound personal with know agenda apart from wanting to provide useful information. If you get this right the business will follow, sounds like a cliche but think about articles you have read and why you read them and maybe the ones you didn’t read because you felt they were sales focused.

Sharing is success
When you’re emailing, blogging, and creating white papers, videos or other content that are both useful and valuable, you can measure it’s success in many ways a quick gauge is if it’s been shared and amongst whom – is it your target audience?

Content that inherently rewards the reader for consuming or sharing it.
It actually acts as a small “reward” for clicking. Every time the target audience clicks on your link, opens your email, or shares your content, good things happen — useful, interesting, and user-friendly information gets shared.

Put yourself into your reader’s shoes and ask yourself if the content you’re creating is truly rewarding for that reader.

Does it get him closer to his goals? Does it engage them? Are the site design and user interface pleasing? Is the content formatted to be easy to read, and across multiple platforms e.g. #LinkedIn, #Twitter, #Google+ etc…?

Good content always builds quality targeted audience
By making a commitment to create content that’s both useful and interesting, you rise above the sea of uninspiring content online. Even though creating good content isn’t always easy, it probably is the most straightforward way to differentiate your business and show your value.


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