Public Relations

How to Hire a Publicist or Public Relations Firm

Last week on Instagram, I responded to someone on a Public Relations associates page a sharing their bad experience in hiring a publicist on several occasions.

Many times I have received several complaints such as the post about many people retaining a publicist or firm, to then feel as though they have not received any ROI nor the publicist or firm failed to deliver on the services rendered. My advice, during an initial consultation, 1) Make sure you know what #PublicRelations entails and the budget you need to retain. 2) You need to have a checklist on why you are retaining the services of #PublicRelations. 3) Ask, ask and ask questions, not only on what they know; also on the work they have accomplished. Request a portfolio, resume, current 1-3 Letters of Recommendations. 4) Ensure there is a contractual agreement outlining all terms and conditions of services. 5) You must be held accountable for your due diligence. You are investing in your brand. I must reiterate, #PublicRelations is not a product, it’s a process. A clear compelling #PublicRelations campaign takes 3-6 months to gain results. #SocialMedia along is not the foundation spectrum of means to base an executive decision on hiring a publicist or firm. I took the person’s post very seriously because I pride myself to uphold to all business standards to maintain the solidarity integrity of #PublicRelations.


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