After attending the Mega Speaker Conference with TJ Foxx (Disclaimer – This is not to promote or endorse JT Foxx), I was extremely overwhelmed. During the full-day conference, I learned so much! I never think I know it all. I am always humble to learn more. Well, I got more than what I expected out of TJ Foxx. This guy was overly confident in his position as the #1 public speaker in the world alongside Tony Robbins. Throughout the conference, I was a little taken back by many of his comments, and bragging about all of his value, successes, and relationship with celebrities he does business with. His presentation had you on a live roller coaster ride! After the fun filled conference; I joined a few attendees for dinner. We all agreed, JT Foxx had the right to be as proud about of his accomplishments, achievements, and accolades. For years, he put in the work! His

Some people may have been offended. On Google, there are negative reviews of the conference and about JT Foxx. You know, he was spot on! I could not help to be so engaged by his cockiness. I could not take away from the fact he spent eight hours in giving VALUABLE information about the business of public speaking, branding, and marketing. In addition, throughout the conference, he kept saying, “write this down.” And he watched to see who was writing down what he was sharing. One of the attendees was a 14-year-old male with his mother. JT Foxx asked him, why was he not writing anything down? His mother speaks, I am taking notes for him. JT Foxx said, “If your son missed school to be here, he should be writing down his own notes. No disrespect to you, your son needs to retain all this information for himself.” Another WOW moment. Again, he was right!

JT Foxx shared if you are giving a presentation, and folks are not writing down what you are sharing, then that person is not serious about retaining the information that is given. JT Foxx knew the information he was sharing was extremely valuable, so he placed the accountability on his audience. He did not care what anyone in the audience thought. He knew his VALUE! Take it or leave it.

To see all this live was magnificent!

Let me tell you why I am sharing this. I have accomplished so many things and have endured many successes in my career as a publicist. I have worked with many celebrities and athletes as well. My work speaks for itself. Over time, I have scaled down my value to appease others who were in no position to retain my services. Honestly, many should have never been given the privilege or honor to work with me. However, I was raised to always be and stay humble in the midst of your personal and professional journey. You know what? Humbleness was not paying the bills. People take advantage of humbleness. People take advantage of only receiving and never giving. People gained their own agenda in their ROI on my humbleness, as I walked away with ZERO.

Over the years, I consult with my attorney, business mentor and spiritual advisor as to why I was not much further in my career that I should be. Over time, they ensured me; I was doing all the right things. I kept second guessing myself. On a high, self-doubt kicked in. I would think, I need to change this, change that, scale this down, do this, blah, blah, blah, in hopes to gain more clients and sustain and increase revenue. I made sure I only surrounded myself with the best.

Again, something was still not right. I kept hitting a brick wall.

“You don’t live once. You live every day. You die once.” – JT Foxx

As I am writing this post, I received an email from a potential client informing me that right now she cannot afford my discount March rate.  The remaining fact is, she can’t afford me at all and she is not serious nor ready to evaluate her brand. So, she wasted her time, more importantly, she wasted my time.

“Don’t trade time for money.” – JT Foxx

In going forward, I excited to apply the business fundamentals and adopt the cockiness characteristic from JT Foxx. After attending two events, I have more clarity to better align and position my business model. I am more fired up than ever! First thing first, in order of business, I will no longer discount my services, nor give away freely my intellectual property. Lastly, my cockiness swag and prices have increased.

“Protect your brand” – JT Foxx


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