Failed Networking Attempt

Today, I just had a brief conference call via Facebook with someone from the UK whom I’ve met on a Facebook Women’s group.

Immediately, I could identify the sole purpose of the conversation. It was leading to be one-sided; while, the person was searching, seeking information from me about my business and how they can receive help from my intellectual property. As I was very candid on talking about target marketing, somewhere during the conversation, the person realized they could not just randomly get information from me. The person asked how can we help each other. I responded we can always continue to exchange business ideas via the Facebook Women’s group. However, if you are unable to introduce/refer to me my clientele such as athletes/celebrities, small businesses, and nonprofits in need of PR services; it is not much you can do for me. Also, if you do not know anything about my industry or clientele, you will be a disservice to me, my business and industry. Now, what I can do for you – what are your business needs? At this point, the person at once wanted to end the call – all of a sudden they had an emergency they must attend.

As a publicist, I am trained to discern “red” flags during a telephone conference. The person picked up on my swift skilled mastery.

Many do not understand the power of networking; which has become very slim. Everyone is trying to get something for nothing. While networking, you need to ensure you have some sort of an asset to offer before you approach anyone.

I will say it again. When you extend the right hand to ask; extend the left hand to give, at the same time! That is business relationship building.

It becomes very annoying and frustrating when people are constantly coming from a self-centered agenda. That is not how you do business nor grow your business.

In 25 years of doing and being in business, I have never approached a business opportunity from a “me” perspective. It’s always been from a “we” spectrum. I always ensure I have something to offer long-term.

Networking 101: Do research and make sure you have something to offer before you approach anyone. And if you are not sure what to offer, find at least one business alignment of interest – trust me, there is one. Be authentic and organic with your approach – you will get further!

Parisnicole Payton is a communications executive, publicist, marketer and business manager. She helps sports and entertainment public figures; small businesses and nonprofits create a customized public relations “plan of action” for brand awareness and national exposure.