Examine what you tolerate

As I am traveling taking care of #NFL clients business affairs, my daily prayer and meditation have me moving in a different way. I think differently, and I speak lower and calm. The last several months have been challenging both good and bad. In the interim, my spirit has risen to new heights of clarity. My life’s blueprint is moving in a direction only the Lord God can order my footsteps, personally and professionally. I am less tolerant of people, things, and situations that no longer benefit my well-being of being the best me. It’s imperative and of importance that I continue my journey of being graceful and merciful in all that I do. My life’s goal always is authentic in being an asset to all who comes into and connect with my spiritual spectrum. I have been broke and broken because I had chosen to tolerate many obstacles that forsake my well-being. We have to be mindful in the acceptance of tolerance. It’s a deadly weapon of self-destruction. All the glitz and glam fades and soon the essence of your spirit will be exposed. So be careful in what and who you tolerate personally and professionally. Save yourself with daily prayer and meditation. Only seek understanding from God. You will thank me later!! #ThePNPAgency


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