Watch Out for Competion Disguised as Support

In being in the sports and entertainment business, I have come across the most plastic/fake and evil minded/spirited people who have mastered the game in pretending to have your back and support, all in all never had any intent to truly advocate for you. For example, “Girl, I am praying for you.” In the interim, over years, never seen them go to church, hear them pray nor speak the Lord’s name. So I wonder, Who are they truly serving???” My small circle of sisterhood (less than 5) prays with, for and over me and do it loud and proud. I am one to always give the benefit, and always with open arms. I never judge nor forsake those who are I give an extension of my authentic self and spiritual being. However, as I embark on the next chapter of my life, my spirit calls for me to detox, remove, eliminate, defuse and no longer confuse the evil spirit that has come beforeth me. I have learned to immediately recognize and deter from the evil eye, which shows the evil heart and spirit. Luckily, I am covenant with prayer and with meditation every day, that I am able to move swiftly away from “they” gracefully and mercifully. Lord God says to honor those who don’t honor you, and you will receive abundance of blessings. Although that is a challenging task, I do believe I can conquer it through Jesus Christ. Do understand, the work starts with self, and Lord God will handle the rest. This my #soapbox for today!!!


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