The PNP Agency™ has created this page to share the good, the bad, the ugly of Public Relations.  We have 25+ years of experience in managing the public relations efforts for sports and entertainment public figures, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

This page will consist of the many hurdles, pitfalls, trials, triumphs, and challenges that Public Relations Professionals face every single day working in the public relations industry. Public Relations Professionals have endured the highs, lows, and experienced a few extreme ugly situations in this profession. Needles, we have learned from our mistakes and want to share our hindsight of successes, achievements, and accomplishments throughout the years.

While working in public relations, there are many perks, but many do not know the perks are very slim. In the public relations industry, Public Relations Professionals must stay on top of the competitive edge and consistently prove the ability to achieve measurable results and secure local and national media placements. The average day is 95% spent on building, developing, researching and creating a compelling “plan of action” for brand awareness to a massive of target mediums.

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” pitch or do relationships cultivate the public relations efforts to succeed its placement? This page will address many questions, as well, provide out-sourced Public Relation articles, tips and share the Do’s & Don’ts in Public Relations. 

We want you to enjoy, be enlightened and inspired.

We welcome your comments.


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Parisnicole Payton is a communications executive, publicist, marketer and business manager. She assists sports and entertainment public figures, small businesses and non-profit create a customized public relations “plan of action” for brand awareness and national exposure.


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